Joelle Anderson, Yoga Instructor


I am Jello to most people on social media, but you are welcome to call me Joe or Jello. Currently, as an active-duty Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, I work as a Management Analyst for the United States Air Force and a single mom of three beautiful boys 18, 16, and six years old. In 2015 I received my Certified Elite Trainer through ISSA and have helped many Airman excel at fitness and decrease their waist size. I have a passion for helping others and on the New Mexico American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Board, hosting the annual New Mexico Hike for Hope. Additionally, through the Air Force I have been certified as a Master Resiliency Trainer, Mental Health First Aid trained, and 200 HR Yoga Instructor.

My Yoga journey started in 2009 in Abilene Texas when I was tired of using pain medication for my SI joint pain and it was recommended by my doctor to try Yoga for pain relief. After a year of yoga twice a week, I only needed medication during long trips by car and plane. Then after another two years, I was not using any of the pain medication. I was already thinking of becoming a teacher at that time. I kept practicing after moving to Alaska it was very helpful during the many surgeries over the next six years to remove and prevent ovarian cancer. After three years in Albuquerque NM, the cancer was in remission, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Tachycardia. Then I started practicing longer sessions of Yoga and it was helping with decreasing the occurrence of flare-ups and pain levels additionally, the breathing was helping with the Tachycardia. With the reductions in pain and ability to do more activities like hiking, my confidence increased, leading me to want to pursue my dream of being a Yoga Instructor. I wanted to ensure my mind was also ready because trauma that I had experienced from deployments and past relationships was hindering me. This is when I decided to seek help from a Psychologist, and it was the best decision I ever made. The doctor also taught me additional meditation techniques and recommended I pursue becoming a yoga instructor, "She saved me in more ways than I could explain". With my mental and physical health improving I knew I was ready to be a Yoga instructor. This leads us to the past year where I have instructed virtually and in-person for High-Performance Learning Center within the 58 Special Operations Wing at Kirtland Air Force Base Albuquerque New Mexico. As I retire out of the USAF after 24 years, I am happy to start my new journey (finally growing up) with the Wellness Studio team starting with Yoga classes to support the mission of the studio "To make mind, body, and emotional wellness activities easily accessible to All members of our community to decrease health disparities".  Additionally, I am excited to introduce additional classes and hopefully get some Hiking trips organized for everyone to enjoy.

  "It is in the balance of all aspects of life, that we find peace for the soul" 

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