Life is a pilgrimage and healing is a journey…

Discomfort, sadness, and fear are commonly felt throughout our life experience and can become more intense and at times unbearable when encountering unexpected events. You do not have to endure the pain and suffering alone. There is hope when we open ourselves up to the possibility that things can be better. Sometimes asking for help is necessary to discover the unlimited opportunities and finding the path that lead us to a better life.

Wellness From Within PC, is more than a mental health practice. We are committed to supporting people to awaken their inner wisdom, so they remember and reconnect with all the gifts inside of them that come from their heritage, overcoming past challenges, and discovering hidden talents. Life transitions are natural and are on-going. Since we cannot stop life for presenting challenges, however, at our practice we support people to navigate life circumstances by tapping into their own strengths.

For those individuals with a traumatic past, we are trained in innovative approaches to heal and overcome the pain from the past that continues to haunt us in the present. We are dedicated to accompanying people's journeys through life events from birth to death. We know that the secret of healing comes when we tap into our Wellness from Within.

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