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About the Practice

SANDRAThe owner, Sandra Y. Herrera-Spinelli, has worked with families since 1997 to promote healthy children and families.  As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, a wife, mother, and a Doctor of Social Work specializing in family interventions, Dr. Sandra Herrera-Spinelli is the founder of the non-profit Wellness Studios Inc.  

Wellness Studios Inc. is an integrative wellness center that provides, mental health services, acupuncture, massage, yoga and fitness classes.  The mission of the center is to make mind, body, emotional wellness activities easily accessible to ALL members of our community to decrease health disparities.  

As a bilingual practitioner raised with strong traditional Mexican, family values, she has accomplished her success because of the unconditional care and support from her parents, brothers, and loving husband.  This unconditional non-judgmental support is the foundation of her clinical mental health practice and focuses on empowering the strength within.  Her employment history is comprised of helping families heal and repair relationships and this philosophy is the foundation of the agency today.  

Dr. Sandra's drive to create a center for Fair-Priced affordable integrative healthcare comes from her own healing through her mother’s masajes and other alternative treatments. When Dr. Sandra became a mother at 40, she became determined to create a work environment that supports the health and well-being of the employees and allowed the opportunity for a work-life balance.  Wellness studios Inc. is the manifestation of evolving research on health and wellness that demonstrates that ancient and traditional health modalities are effective. 

More importantly, Dr. Sandra wants to share the secret that 
healthy, happy living comes from within .

Sandra Fam

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