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SANDRAThe owner, Sandra Y. Herrera-Spinelli, has worked with families since 1997 to promote healthy children and families. She graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a Masters in Social Work in 2003. Furthermore, she completed a Doctorate of Social Work  with a concentration in Family Studies & Interventions at Walden University in 2019. Her clinical training concentration is Attachment Theory and Trauma-Informed Interventions.  Her work experience includes settings such as residential treatment settings, outpatient clinics, and supporting foster and adoptive families.

Sandra’s experience has inspired her to create an integrative wellness center that includes trauma-informed principles.  In November 2018, she took a risk to sponsor yoga classes at Passion Fitness Studio (that donating the space) to start the momentum of making yoga easily accessible.  She’s committed to creating an environment that promotes wellness in both clients and staff. The center’s mission: to promote healthy living by providing easy access to body, mind, and emotional wellness activities. The vision: to offer an exceptional experience to clients by fostering an optimal environment that promotes wellness.

More importantly, Sandra wants to share the secret that healthy, happy living comes from within .

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